Hair Extensions Video Clip In- Learn To Install It Easily

 hair extensions video clip inMany are there for whom affording the cost of getting hair extensions installed from the professional is not easier. Therefore, the only option left behind one is to watch the tutorial video on installing the hair extensions. And no doubt watching the right hair extensions video clip in will allow a person to learn the steps carefully on the installations of the extensions so that one doesn’t make any big mistakes for which she has to pay a very big loss. In fact, there are a learner will learn in a simpler way from the helpful tutorial guide and let’s see those herein this article. 

Hair Extensions style- Longing & straightening 

Brushing the extensions 

hair extensions video clip in

Brushing is always important before installing the clip-in extensions. Hair extensions tutorial clip in will tell you how softly you have to brush your hair with a round brush having fine bristles. However, Brushing makes them quite smoother. 

Preparing Lower layers 

Create horizontally straight part ear to ear for separating the hair’s lower portion and pin the left one on the top of the head. Now, backcomb the hair lower section near your hair scalp. Furthermore, it adds quantity. And it also creates a stiff texture that will further seize the extensions. What’s more, is you can hairspray it so that it can set perfectly. 

Clip in the extensions 

Along with the hair, clip the first layer of the extensions with the natural one so that it gets connected and unshakably. 

Straightening & adding more

Furthermore, to straighten the extensions make sure that your final look with lay horizontal. Remember that if you use heat protectant spray will lengthen the existence. Now go through the same method by creating another part on the scalp about an inch wherein you have installed the extension. Once more backcomb your hair along the part line. Also you can have hairspray and then clip in the hair extensions. Do it again and again till the back of the head has the length and volume that you want. 

Installing the side extensions

Initiate adding extensions at your eyebrow line. Create a short and horizontal part next to a side of your head. You can repeat everything that is backcombing, hair spraying, adding the extensions. Now repeat the same to the other side and keep the placement accurately in a line so that you can have a well-balanced look. 


Lastly, you can make use of a hair straightening tool for mixing up the clip in extensions with the natural one and also having a pin-straight appearance.  Here’s you have final look. 

Ponytail updo 

Brushing & attaching

Brush your hair using a fine bristled brush. Now make a small ponytail and secure it with a rubber band. The next is to attach the extensions across the ponytail. 

Gathering & straightening

 hair extensions video clip in

Comb the hair and get together initial ponytail and hair extensions and secure using a rubber band. Furthermore, straighten them for smoothening. Also, you can add heat protectant spray for helping extensions to work for longer. Here’s you get the best look. 

So all these steps you will learn practically in hair extensions video clip in so that you get it easily. 

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